Missionaries of Christ the King

Sisters Missionaries of Christ the King is a missionary congregation that was founded in 1959 by Father Ignacy Posadzego. The heart of the charism is the Poles leaving their native country and living in various corners of the world. The slogan in the coat of arms of the “Everything for God and Polish diaspora abroad” accompanies daily work with countrymen around the world. The apostolic work of the sisters varies, depending on the Polish community in the given country. Currently, 100 Missionary Sisters of Christ the King work in Polish communities in various countries around the world. They fulfill their mission in Australia, Brazil, the United States and Canada, Great Britain, Belarus, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Greece and Italy. They fulfill their apostolic mission by working with children and youth, catechizing, learning the Polish language, running various pastoral groups, children’s and youth groups, reviving spiritual and liturgical life in parishes. They join the care of the families of immigrants, the sick, the elderly and the lonely Poles. They also serve in parishes, acting as organists and sacristans, and work in parish offices.

More information about the Congregarion can be found on the websited www.mchr.us and www.mchr.pl/