Marriage as a sacrament is a natural community of man and woman, elevated to the supernatural level, the level of grace – that is, realizing the love that connects Christ with the Church.

Marriage is defined as a natural community because the men and women who create them in their sex and in their souls have a natural ability to create unity:

  • fully human, and therefore both sensual and spiritual.
  • a full, that is, friendship lived in a special form, through which a man and a woman generously share everything with each other, without one of the spouses keeping something for themselves.
  • faithful and exclusive – the man-woman relationship that they form by marriage, in the inner, intimate and external sphere, is only a matter of their two – for good and for bad, until the end of life.
  • fertile – fruiting in natural progeny, which also give rise to spiritual life of faith, eternal life. And when physical fertility is impossible, the spouses realize their spiritual fecundity – giving birth to eternal life

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