Holly Missions

The Holy Missions in our parish will take place from October 20th
to October 26. They will be led by Fr. Sebastian Luszczki OMI
and Fr. Sebastian Wisniewski OMI. The Holy Missions will end
with the thanksgiving Mass on Saturday, October 26th at 5 pm
followed by a banquet at 6 pm. We ask all parishioners to pray for
the mission and to reserve time for this event, which takes place in
the parish every few dozen years.


God, our Father, who loved the world so much that you sent your
Son to renew the broken relationship of love with you, we ask you
that there would be nobody in our parish who would remain deaf
to His Word and resistant to His love and grace. Let the time of the
Holy Mission bring each of us the greatest treasure that the world
cannot give: peace of conscience to the hearts, love and harmony
to the families, unity to the parish, and new blessings to the
Church. Holy Spirit, renew us and the face of our parish. Mother
of God, embrace us with your protection. Amen

Plan of The Holly Mission 2019